Meet the Irish Wise Guys. 17 of the most notorious Irish-American Gangsters 

John Morrissey

Boxer, Gang Boss and US Congressman

Big Bad Jim: Jim O’Leary — The Gangster Whose Family Rose From The Ashes

Emmet Dalton — The Hollywood Outlaw

‘Peg Leg’: Richard Lonergan — The Man Even Al Capone Feared

Dash of Rum: Bill Dwyer — The King Of The Rum Runners

Vincent 'mad Dog' Coll - the gangster from Gweedore  
Charles Dean O’Banion — Florist To The Mob

Jack ‘Legs’ Diamond — The Gentleman

Owney ‘The Killer’ Madden — The Gangster Who Died Quietly In His Bed  
Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran — Claimed He Shot Jimmy Hoffa

John 'Cockeye' Dunn - The Man Who Went To The Chair

Mickey Spillane — The Last Of The Gentleman Gangsters

George Machine Gun Kelly -The Tommy Gun-wielding Gangster

John Looney - The Rock Island Godfather

James 'Jimmy the gent'  Burke — The Dapper Assassin

Henry Hill — The Irish Goodfella

Whitey Bulger -The FBI’s $2m Man

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The stories of 17 of the most notorious Irish American Gangsters